After dilly-dallying for 9 months or so, I finally pulled the trigger on a new monitor, the HP LP2475w, and it arrived today.
Initial impressions are pretty good. It’s definitely not as sparkly as the 3007WFP-HC was. That’s good. It’s still wide gamut, so now I have to go find a calibrator to buy. Joy. I’m starting to hate shopping. Thankfully, it seems like there are fewer choices in the color calibration world, so this shouldn’t take another 9 months.
1900×1200 feels wider than it should. My initial theory is that 1600×1200 actually made me maximize windows when I didn’t really need to. There’s sort of a zone between 1200-1600 pixels wide for a window that the size doesn’t really make a difference, and so even if I make a window 1200 pixels wide, I can’t fit anything useful in the remaining 400 on the screen, so I end up just maximizing. When I get that extra 300 pixels to work with, suddenly it makes sense to keep my big windows 1200 pixels wide and have a new 600 pixel column to put other stuff. Besides, maximizing to a browser to be 1900 wide seems silly.
Also on the “bright” side, the big red number on my TD ameritrade account page looks nice and saturated today. 😛
More in-depth review I’ll write after I get a calibrator and a some more time with the screen itself.

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