OK, I’ve had the monitor for about a week now, and I also got it calibrated with the Eye-one display 2 calibrator that I got from newegg. Here are the full notes:

  • Wide Gamut: It’s still there. It’s still kind of annoying. Firefox 3 makes the experience quite a bit more bearable, but Flash doesn’t support it yet so video’s often look like candy colors still. I also get the feeling that cleartype might not be tuned for wide-gamut monitors.. but I don’t understand the theory enough here to really say. Even with the calibration-corrected gamma, text looks every so slightly more fringy. It could also just be the bigger pixels when compared to my NEC 2070NX.
  • Color uniformity: A few readers on the HardForum thread for this monitor have reported a green-to-pink color uniformity problem. I think I see it too, though it is very faint. Here’s a picture that I took that exaggerates it:
  • Ghosting: I don’t see too much motion blur, but there is some inverse ghosting. Doesn’t really bother me that much though.

I’m new to calibration, but my with my first profile, the monitor validator that comes with Eye-one Match tells me I have an average deltaE of 0.69, which I understand is pretty good. There definitely seems to a bit of technique to this, so I’ll have to update this post if I manage to coax better numbers out of the screen.
At this point, I’m seriously debating returning this monitor and just getting an NEC 2490 instead. Everyone likes the 2490, and after I’ve spent 600+ on this one, spending 300 more the best thing out there doesn’t really seem like a big deal. If I use the monitor for the next 4-5 years, it seems totally justifiable. I still don’t really buy the whole wide-gamut thing, and it seems like it’s going to take a while for people to sort out more-than-8-bit displays anyways.

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