• vmmouse works out of the box. About fricking time.
  • LiveCD installer is pretty cool. It does an image based install, which seems pretty darn fast.
  • Fonts still suck. Waiting for someone to post subpixel-enabled rpms.
  • YUM seems usably fast now. But background update processes lock the database for a long time, which is annoying.
  • Input method setup was easy. Japanese input method there by default. Also VLGothic was there by default.
  • Nice artwork.
  • Trying to turn on desktop effects in a VM crashes the X server. Boo.
  • Thanks for shipping some nice included desktop backgrounds.
  • Nautilus still uses object-oriented mode by default!?
  • sbin is in the path. FINALLY. Also rm is no longer aliased to rm -i. Also about frickin’ time.
  • Weird text-mode boot splash. But I actually like text mode boot splash. Less to go wrong
  • Why is the initial user not in the sudoers file? At least give me the option.

Random screenshot:
Fedora 10 screenshot

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