So far, I’ve actually been pretty OK with Vista. It probably has something to do with the fact that I didn’t touch it for the first 2 years. Maybe that was wise. Or maybe that’s just something you learn to do once you know how software is really made.

Anyhow, due to some really unfortunate circumstances (hard drive failure), I’ve had to install Vista no less then three times in the last two days. Usually I don’t complain about an installer, and Vista’s installer doesn’t seem that bad.. but it’s what happens post-install that is annoying.

Why the fuck do you have to measure the performance of my PC on first start? Seriously, I just did it yesterday. I’m not going to learn anything new. Are you going to do anything useful with this information besides tell me that my graphics card is a piece of shit? No. Of course not.

Not only did Vista come out with significantly more demanding hardware requirements, I guess MS engineers thought it would be nice to rub the fact that you’re installing it on your inferior hardware in your face. Thanks.

And while I’m at it, here’s my Vista install checklist:

  • Disable restart on auto-updates with gpedit.msc
  • Disable UAC with msconfig
  • Disable Windows Defender altogether
  • Use SharpKeys to map CapsLock to Control
  • Install Live Mesh to pull my utilities folder
  • Install Firefox, Chrome, iTunes, pidgin, office, smartquote

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