Outlook 2007 is starting to choke my laptop again. I implemented some of the filtering tricks that you can find around the web, and that made it better for a while.. but perhaps my unfiltered folders got too big again.

While re-researching the problem I came across the Microsoft KB on the issue. The interesting tidbit I found was at the bottom:

If you use a portable computer

If you are using a portable computer, you may experience these problems sooner than you would on a desktop computer. This occurs because hard disks on portable computers are generally slower than hard disks on desktop computers. The performance problems are directly related to hard disk speed. If you add more random access memory (RAM) to a computer, there is no effect on this problem.

(emphasis added)

Geez. That sucks. So even if I could throw 8 gigs of RAM into my X60, it would still be slow. I guess I just have to wait a bit longer for that SSD.

But still.. how did they manage to make a program that doesn’t benefit from more RAM? That just sounds broken.

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