My office mate is on hiatus, so I decided to steal his monitors and do a quad-mon setup.
Productivity is definitely increased, but I seem to be straining my neck as well. My desk is not deep enough to be able to down four monitors, and curve them around in a way that prevents me from having to turn my head too much. Perhaps I need to back up and get a keyboard tray again.
My temporary solution is to rotate two of the monitors to portrait mode. Monitor rotation still sucks for many reasons (cleartype incompatibility, for one), but for now it’s OK because I put only putty windows with a non-antialiased font on those heads.
I also have to jump back down into Vista Basic mode, because the crappy nvidia card that I use for my second pair of heads totally slows down in portrait mode.. enough so that putty becomes painfully slow.. and putty seems to be very sensitive to graphics performance.
Whatever, I’ll live. Anything for the quad-mon. Someday, I’ll bring in my 7600GT from home and things will be all nice and glassy once again.
I’d really like to do two 24 inchers at home.. but it’s going to be a while before I can afford another 2490 WUXI 😉 Those damn high end NEC monitors also tend to never come down in price.

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