After staring at my new colorscheme for the keyboard page for a couple days, I’m not convinced that it’s actually easier to read. I’ve noticed that, while off white on dark grey looks fine for non-antialiased text, for anti-aliased test, dark on light seems better than light on dark. Also “boldness” is much more apparent on dark on light. I guess it’s easier to differentiate thickness of dark objects ona lighter background than vice versa.
I guess the dark on light is better than light on dark thing might actually true. But some more research I’ve found seems to hypothesize that this is really because people are more accustomed to reading things that are dark on light. There’s still the concern that light background cause more eyestrain, though. Maybe that just means I need to turn the brightness of my monitor’s down.
Anyhow, I’ve switched the keyboard page back to dark on light, except not so much contrast as pure black on pure white.

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