Traded in my 15 inch macbook pro for a thinkpad x201.

Bunch of reasons this time:

  • mbp was slowing down frequently, requiring reboot. something to do with regularly running cityville, or plugging and unplugging from a 30 inch display. WindowServer would start taking major cpu time when there’s no activity, and entire desktop would feel like it was going at 5fps.
  • flash seems generally slow on osx. lots of stuff uses flash.
  • pc at home, and swapping keyboard shortcuts was getting confusing
  • wanted better 3rd party free apps. for ex. has no equivalent on the mac side.
  • adium is kinda janky.
  • colloquy is also kinda janky.
  • something about the osx scheduler still doesn’t feel right. for example latency in ssh over vpn is much better on windows (over the same connection at home).
  • i’ll miss the ssh/keychain integration, but cygwin + mintty + ssh-pageant + pageant should do the trick.
  • 8hr battery life ftw.
  • outlook 2011 for mac < outlook 2010 for win. depressing that this still matters, but whatevs.
  • win-left, win-right, alt-tab. window mgmt on osx is still janky.
  • being in touch more w/ the average fb user.

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