So part of getting used to the kinesis layout for me is that it makes you press some keys with fingers that I’m not used to. For example, p is now my right pinky, and c is now my left middle finger. But then I got to thinking, maybe thats how you’re supposed to type on a real keyboard anyways.. I never took a real typing class.. the only class like think I remember was a small session during summer school in grade school.. but for as long as I can remember, I’ve hit the c key with my left index finger and the p key with my right ring finger.
Now when I try to use a normal keyboard, I instinctually type like how my kinesis has taught me to… which isn’t exactly wrong or not workable. It feels like I have to twist my hands a bit differently but I guess that’s ok.
The biggest thing to get over though is not having the backspace under your thumb. Its amazing how useful that really is and how much stress you cause on your right wrist just reaching up and over to the backspace key.


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