Some movies are a waste of time.. or are they? I saw “You got served” and “Anchorman” today. Though both can be classified overall as a generally bad idea, for me, each had their moments. You got served appeals to the inkling of a break dance fan inside of me. All of the non-dance scenes are totally painful to watch, but then again half of the movies is dance scenes, and for someone who likes just watching video recordings of straight up break dance battles, that makes the whole thing barely tolerable.
I have to say I was more dissappointed by anchorman. I guess I just expected more from Will Ferrell. The movie wasn’t without its occasional hilarious scene, but it seemed most of the movie was about Will just playing an odd (and just awkward, not funny) character. There is a lot in the details though, and I almost feel like this could have become an austin powers type movie (where its funnier when you start talking about it afterwards) but A) austin powers has already carved out that niche, and B) I’m not in high school anymore where I can sit around and recall funny scenes from movies all the time.

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