Can’t seem to figure out a good host platform for running gsx at home. I have a few requirements: a) it has to be a supported platform, b) I have to be able to get it relatively inexpensively, c) I don’t want ongoing support costs, d) I want security updates to be available for at least 2 years or so. e) something modern enough so that I dont have to mess with hardware settings too much.
Debian stable seems to fit {b,c,d}, but is not a supported platform. I tried Suse 9.2, which seems to work ok, but I find its package management rather clunky. Redhat Enterprise Workstation is also an option but I don’t think you can get the updates for it for free, even if you pay the up-front cost. So what’s left.. Turbolinux? seems like a fringe distribution.. and the last choice is Mandrake.. I have bad impressions of mandrake.. always seems super buggy. Maybe I’ll have to try it again some day. Last option is to run windows.. maybe I’m just going to have to do that.


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