Got a lot of new goodies:

  • Panasonic Monitor 10R headphones: The headband is really tight and they’re not broken in yet, but they do sound pretty good. I really need some better output than the one that comes out of my dell workstation at work though. That’s to be remedied later
  • Kinesis Maxim ergo keyboard: Its certainly an interesting design, but I’m not convinced quite yet. The key touch seems to have been a bad design choice, but somehow I suspect Kinesis had something in mind when they decided to go with such a soft mechanism. The odd thing is you don’t really have to hit the keys that hard for them to register, but the problem is there just isn’t any feedback. But my hands do feel pretty comfortable so far. I also don’t like you can’t pin the spread.. it just slides back and forth with a slight nudge.
  • PS2. Haven’t had the chance to play it yet. Still waiting for my TV card which just got shipped from Pennsylvania


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