It’s funny. After you use open-source software exclusively for a few years, you get this mentality where you don’t try to push the software very hard. Complex features are expected to work only in limited cases, and if avoidable, should be avoided, unless the software has been out with that feature for more than 5 years or some otherwise long amount of time.
Now, as I end up using more and more commercially developed software, I am surprised how extended features actually work. My latest discovery is that VMware’s HGFS (host-guest file system) actually works as advertised, and is actually faster than its alternatives (samba mounting a share from the host, for example).
That option has been there for many VMware versions now, and yet I never ventured to really rely on it, because of this aforementioned mentality. Maybe because I associated with the Linux kernel, and I just didn’t expect for stuff to work that well. Well it’s on now and it seems to work pretty damn well.

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