So I bought some peaches at the farmer’s market down by the Ferry Building on saturday. Today I discovered I had horribly mistreated them.
A few notes, in the hope that others will not repeat my mistakes:

  • The lighter-colored the peach the better.
  • Don’t refrigerate them unless they’re about to spoil.. it drys them out.
  • They’re ripe when they give slightly when you cup one in your hand, and when they smell peachy.

I picked two solid red, firm peaches, came home, and the proceeded to put them straight in the fridge. Today I took one out (the more solid of the two), and bit into it, to find that it had mostly not ripened and tasted rather not so good. The second one, I left out for a while and it became rather soft, and so I bit into that one and it was much much better.
I shall have to try again.

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