So a while ago, I bought a Linksys WRT54GS, so that I could stop using internet conenction sharing on my desktop to do share access among my machines.
Recently, it’s started to act up.. the powerbook loses association with the router and I have to toggle the wireless settings on the router to get it to come back.
So what do I do:

  1. Keep what I have, and deal with the crappiness
  2. Go back to what I had, deal with that crappiness
  3. Use the airport express as a base station, lose port forwarding
  4. Build a router, spend a lot of time

None of these options is particularly desireable at this point. I wish I could pay just a little more for a router that really just works, performs well, and has all the options I need (port forwarding, ichat AV compatibility).. maybe this means I should have just bought the apple base station..

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