Well, it looks like my little tutorial on setting up WS 5.5.3 on Feisty was pretty popular.
Unfortunately, (or fortunately perhaps, I don’t know) I’ve upgraded my Workstation to an RC release of WS6.
The reason? Printing.
There’s not special install trick here. Once WS6 is released, you should be able to just use the standard tar installer to get it on to a Feisty system.
I recently bought a Canon Pixma iP6700D printer. I was using it under XP just fine, and assumed it would work fine under WS 5.5.3, but any access to the printer would cause a BSOD in the guest.
While looking around for alternatives, I actually found TurboPrint which appears to be a set of commercial drivers for photo printers for use under linux. Didn’t try it myself quite yet, but I’m fairly interested.
Anyhow, upgrading to WS6 fixes the BSOD issue. That’s important enough to me to deal with the slight riskiness of running a release candidate build.

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