Ok, the frontrunners are still the Treo, the 2125, and the Nokia 6682.
By screen size: (1) Treo, with 320×320 (2) 2125 with 240×320 (3) Nokia with 176×208
By Mac sync – ability: (1) Treo and Nokia tie (2) 2125 because its Windows SM 5.0
By data plan expense: (1) Nokia and 2125 ($20/mo) (2) Treo ($40/mo)
By liveliness of platform: (1) Nokia (symbian) and 2125 (wince) (2) Treo (PalmOS)
By keyboard type: (1) Treo (QWERTY) (2) 2125, Nokia (keypad)
By total cost of ownership (phone + 2 year data plan): (1) 2125 (199 base + 20 * 24 = 679) (2) Nokia (299 base + 20 * 24 = 780) (3) Treo (139 base + 40*24 = 1099)
It turns out the Nokia is EDGE capable, so no difference here.
Other considerations:

  • Treo gets mixed reviews from everyone. Hardware is good, but OS is unstable and sometimes really annoying. MattG says development tools are not too good. No good browser (only Blazer).
  • Treo 700w won’t be out on cingular for at least another 6 months due to verizon’s exclusive contract.
  • Nokia gets strong reviews. “Phone first, PDA second”. Camera seems to take good pictures. Symbian has good software.
  • Nokia needs MMC card.
  • 2125: Good development tools available, but require windows/visual studio?

Where are the good nokia rumor sites? Will they be announcing any new phones any time soon? seems like the 6682 is still pretty new.
It looks like Nokia’s supposed to be shipping three new phones, the N71, N80, and N92 in Q1 of this year. The N71 is a flip phone with QVGA and 3G and miniSD, while the N80 is a slider with even better resolution. I guess I’ll just have to hurry up and wait.

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