Super hack-tastic

Whatever device I end up buying, it’d be nice if I could use Japanese on it. It’s not a hard requirement, but it would sure make things more interesting. Unfortunately, getting Japanese to work on an American or European device involves quite a bit of work, but there are people who manage to get it […]

Another twist

A friend at work who is a Nokia fan tells me of another possibility: buy un-subsidized phones. Apparently places like expansys sell European imports which are unlocked and I can just use with Cingular. This gives me the option of getting an N71 through a different route when it comes out, or getting the E70 […]

The drill down

Ok, the frontrunners are still the Treo, the 2125, and the Nokia 6682. By screen size: (1) Treo, with 320×320 (2) 2125 with 240×320 (3) Nokia with 176×208 By Mac sync – ability: (1) Treo and Nokia tie (2) 2125 because its Windows SM 5.0 By data plan expense: (1) Nokia and 2125 ($20/mo) (2) […]