Nerd alert. You’ve been warned.
So I’m back on emacs. I like emacs’ perforce integration better than I do vim’s.
I’ve also set up “mew” to read my imap mail. It works reasonably well, but one annoying limitation is that it can’t view imap folders with spaces in them!? But I’ve gotten mew to work with mew-ldap as well as the namazu indexing engine, so I can do some interesting stuff with it.
However, I’d still like to get wanderlust working if I can. My main issues with it right now are:

  1. When I do ldap queries, sometimes I get a ‘variable binding depth exceeds blah blah’ error. It doesn’t go away until I restart emacs.
  2. It complains to me about some IMAP folder not existing and asks me to create it, but then fails.
  3. It’s buggy. Mew is simpler and so seems to work better

I’m a little concerned though, since mew seems to move at a slower pace. I tried mutt for a bit, but then gave up right away, since it doesn’t seem to be able to cache IMAP folder information (and I did try using header_cache)
There’s also a few things I need to figure out how to do in emacs:

  • Do different things in .emacs based on command line arguments.. I’ve seen people use things like “–mode foo”
  • Learn how to make it automatically load python-mode for SConsctruct and SConscript and *.sc files
  • Learn to make it ignore my custom-set-faces command when its in terminal mode

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