Just when I finally thought I tamed it.. it comes back to bite me with the stupid 32K rule limit. The number of client-side rules is for some reason limited by server storage space. Umm, ok.
Anyways.. I have my new plan now:
I will run a vm that mounts my nfs home directory, and runs courier-imap.
I’ll run fetchmail to pop off emails from the exchange server.
I’ll have a exchange server side rule that copies every message to an archive folder. (Each message needs to remain in the inbox, because when you use POP3 against exchange.. that’s where the messages come from)
I’ll have an exchange server side rule that also copies meeting requests to a separate folder.
I’ll use procmail or maildrop to sort the mail that fetchmail brings in. They will be delivered to the courier imap folders.
Remotely, I will connect to my mail by connecting to my imap server.. or connecting to Iloha mail, which I will install on the same machine, or, in a pinch, using OWA (though I will only see a flat list of messages there).

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