Things I learned recently while taking photos and working on them in Aperture:

  • Taking landspcape shots from a high view point usually doesn’t work out. It tends to fore-shorten tall majestic things, making pics look pretty uninteresting. Subjects that are level with you, or above you seem to work better. Actually, looking too far upwards probably isn’t that interesting either.
  • When taking shots of quick moving animals, don’t waste your time bracketing. Getting 3 exposure-bracketed images just doesn’t matter if you don’t get the right action shot or the a sharp focused shot. You’re much more likely to get those just using plain rapid fire.
  • When doing macro (or macro-wannabe) close-up shots, use manual focus. It seems autofocus never does the right thing here. It’s weird that everyone talks about the “one-third” rule, and yet the autofocus targeting zones in my camera are in the middle or 1/4 of the way from each side.

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