I’ve narrowed it down to either the MS Ergo 4000 or the Avant Prime as my next candidate. But it’s hard to choose between the two.
On the one hand, I’m pretty happy with the MS Natural Elite that I have now, so MS Ergo 4000 seems like a safe bet. It’s also a lot cheaper ($70 vs $150). And it supports USB.
On the other hand, the Avant Prime has pretty much all the features I think I want. The ALPS switches, N key rollover, and remap-ability. But it’s PS/2 only which means another $50 for a good PS/2 to USB adapter, and it’s not ergo, and it’s a bit ugly.
Maybe a better way to think about it is which keyboard is there a smaller probability that I will dislike it. That’s probably the Avant Prime. There’s a good chance the MS will not have the right feel.. in which case I just wasted $70. Ok, Avant Prime it is then.

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