As most of the other people who write about it say, the Apple keyboards are really just too mushy. It’s really much easier to do work on the iceKey than it is on the Apple.
It seems there really is just a scarcity of good Mac keyboards. The only ones out there that are reviewed alot of are the iceKey and the Tactile Pro (well, I guess the Apple Extended keyboard 2, but you can’t buy that either). There are others that can be made to work on a Mac, but their mac key support seems to be an aferthought at best. These include the Kinesis countoured and the Goldtouch.
I’ve also verified that the ice key has ghosting problems of its own, with the ‘f, r, a, q’ combination. Still, it’s better than the Tactile Pro in that only one combination of 3 keys out of the four yields the fourth (that’s a, r, and f), and it’s difficult to type those three key fast enough that you’re holding them down at the same time.
I canceled the SMK-88 order since I found out about the Avant Prime. Just mustering up the courage to order it. But it gets consistently good reviews, and it has N-key rollover.. both are very good signs. As long as they keep making ps2 to usb adapters, it should also be good for a long while to come.

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