If you split your work between a mac and linux a lot, you may wish to try to have the same terminal font across the two. I like Monaco that comes by default on the Mac, and today I figured out how to use it on my Linux box at work too. (Disclaimer: you might be violating some kind of usage license on the font. IANAL)
It’s actually quite easy.

  1. Copy Monaco.dfont from /System/Library/Fonts on your Mac to your Linux box in your ~/.fonts directory
  2. run fc-cache to reload the fontconfig cache
  3. run xterm -fa ‘Monaco:pixelsize=10:antialias=no’. The antialias bit forces fontconfig to use the nice looking embedded bitmaps instead of the crappy anti-aliased version at that size.

Et voila. An xterm that looks mostly like Terminal.app.
Unfortunately, bold character’s don’t seem to work. Don’t know why. xterm seems to understand how to doublestrike server-side fonts to fake the bold effect, but maybe that logic isn’t replicated on the Xft rendering path?

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