Most Thinkpad’s that come with the trackpoint input device also come with a special middle mouse button that can be used to switch into ‘scroll’ mode. You hold down the middle button and push the trackpoint and it scrolls in the direction you push.
Most annoyingly, however, it doesn’t work with many apps. But it turns out, it’s configurable!
On my system, the magic configuration file lives at C:\windows\system32\tp4table.dat.† Towards the bottom of this file, right before the [AutoScrollTable] section, I added the following lines:

;iTunes/Safari Scroll Fix

This makes the scroll stuff work for both the Safari for windows as well as iTunes.
Now why they didn’t default to this ‘WheelStd’ mode is beyond me. It would have saved a lot of headaches.
† I found this info on this thread which also has some config info for other Thinkpad models.

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  1. Bryan


    Thank you!!!
    I have a PowerBook at home and use a Windows ThinkPad T60 at work. I was eager to see the claimed lightning speed of Safari 3 compared with the RAM hungry Firefox. I was frustrated by the ThinkPad TrackPoint issue and your links here are the first relevant solution I found (linked from Helpful Notes: I tried the Microsoft forums link, but the linked post was gone. Fortunately, I found my tp4table.dat file at “C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP” and I was able to skip the suggested reboot by stopping (killing) the SynTPEnh.exe and SynTPLpr.exe processes and restarting them. I didn’t even have to restart Safari. Thanks for figuring this out and sharing with the world!

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