So it’s been about a month since I switched to textpattern. I must say I have somewhat mixed feelings about it.
On the one hand, the structure offers a lot more flexibility than wordpress. It even let me do my smugmug integration trick without too much trouble.
On the other hand, not being able to edit various files with a real text editor is *really* starting to get to me.
The lack of self-contained themes is also a bit annoying. Not for the fact that it allows you to steal other people’s work, but because it’s difficult to replicate your own work so that you can have a production copy and a in-progress copy.
Also the email comment management interface for textpattern is not as developed. And there’s no good way to customize the RSS content.
I might have to move back to wordpress. *sigh*
(time to go experiment again.. why oh why did I delete my old wp installation…)

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