I’ve been using my X60 for a few days, mostly at home while sitting on the couch or in bed. In this very short amoutn of time, this laptop has established itself as the one which I’ll be comparing all others to in terms of battery performance.
In the “Thinkpad default” power profile, with normal usage, the battery gets a solid 5 hours. In power saver mode, you’ll see battery meter readouts as high as 7 hours.
I almost feel like I’m using a phone instead of a computer. It’ll be hard to go back to anything less. This is exactly how portable computing should be. It’s the first time that my paranoid mind has been able to just completely forget about the battery life. I just open and close the lid as I please, and I just have to remember to plug in for a few hours once a day.
I don’t think there’s any going back to the sub 5-hour normal use range anymore. I guess that limits the possibilities quite a bit. The “Panasonics”:http://panasonic.jp/pc/ still fall within that range though, with the Y5 14 inch version claiming 9 hours max, and the X60-like (except that it has a Core Solo) R6 claiming an incredible 15 hours.