Predicting javac's behavior

I really like java as a language, but the behavior of the compiler can be a pain in the ass to deal with. The problem with javac, is that it does some stuff that is akin to what make does. It figures out dependencies and compiles them for you. It tries to understand your source […]

Entourage Performance

I hadn’t run Entourage in a long time since it totally kills the overall performance of my Mac. Today, for some reason, I decided to try it again, and I was also, for some likewise unknown reason, inspired to turn off the ‘check mail every 20 minutes’ feature (this is done by disableing the “Send […]

Color Schemes

I guess this is quickly becoming the place where I talk about all the little small things that bother me. In this episode, I look at color schemes, specifically, schemes for presenting text. I spend most of my time at work working with some sort of text terminal. I’ve spent a good portion of my […]

Entourage burns my hands

While from a compatibility-with-Exchange point of view, Entourage is pretty good, from a performance perspective.. it’s just plain horrible. It doesn’t even seem to be properly multithreaded. The UI thread will block up frequently as I’m typing a message.. and while I’m doing nothing, it’s constantly eating 40% cpu on my Powerbook, and making it […]

Consumer education

I hate to sound smug (great South Park episode btw), but its really amazing to me how much even somewhat “saavy” computer users know so little about virtualization (and by saavy, I mean confident enough to post in some public forum about it.) There are so many misconceptions.. like: It’s just for software testers. While […]

Screw it

I took a friend’s advice and applied the best mail filter of them all: unsubscribe from mailing lists that you don’t read regularly. You never see the messages, so you don’t worry about filtering them. Out of sight, out of mind. Also, sending out nicely formatted email is often much more trouble than it’s worth, […]

No locking = No nothing

So it turns out all kinds of stuff fails when your locking calls fail. Dovecot can’t create indexes of your mailboxes. It also spits out a IMAP warning about it, and mutt pauses a second to display this warning. mutt can’t create its header cache without it, making the use of IMAP with large mailboxes […]

Is that your final answer?

After a long period of trial and error, I think I’ve finally chanced upon the best email solution for work. It turns out that, the solution follows the principle of using the best component for each task, and building a solution out of all the components — the so-called UNIX way. Anyways, here’s what it […]