Some places to try

Qian and I watch a KQED show, “Check please, Bay Area” every week, where they have three guests rate each other’s favorite restaurants. Out of many weeks of watching, there’s a few that we’d definitely like to try: * Aziza (outer richmond) * Memphis Mini’s (haight) (I’ve had takout from here before) * Da Flora […]

Bong Su

This is Palo Alto’s Tamarine’s sister restaurant in SOMA. It’s advertised as a high end vietnamese cuisine, just like Tamarine, and it delivers pretty well. I’ve been there twice, and both times have been good experiences. The Shaking Beef, the lamb chops, the monkfish, duck mustard wrap appetizer, as well as the banana beignet and […]

A few good Restaurants

Some lunch places that I recently went to: Boxed Food Company (245 Kearny St, SF) A take-out soup-and-sandwich place, which gives you your food in generously sized boxes. Not only are their sandwiches pretty tasty, the include a pretty good salad (with good dressing, and large parmesan slices). Maybe a tad on the spendy side, […]

Chenery Park

A place tucked away in the Glen Park neighborhood. Yelp rated it pretty highly, and it did not disappoint. It serves Californian style food with a touch of Southern influence (Lisa got a seafood gumbo) With drink, appetizer, and dessert, the total came out to $40 a head — a reasonable rate for good food […]


Ponzu, a joint with pan-asian cuisine which I went to for my friend Andy’s birthday. I had seen it on various rankings so my expectations were pretty high, and this place did not disappoint. Pretty much everything I had their was good, if just a tad on a salty/heavy side. They tend to have very […]

Jai Yun

Went to a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant that got good reviews, called Jai Yun. At first site, it seemed interesting.. there was only a prix fixe menu with several prices (ranging from $45/head to $150/head). The appetizer was encouraging.. 8 small dishes with all tasty samples of various pickled vegetables, preserved meat, and […]

The ultimate dried mango

If you live in San Francisco and haven’t heard of Rainbow, definitely check it out (unless you can’t stand hippie vegeterian grocery co-ops). Within you will find the legendary dried mango’s (go towards the back, right before the vegetables, there will be a small fridge section with all types of dried fruits. These are in […]

Food Log: Goat Hill Pizza

I had high hopes for this one, but it was pretty disappointing. For one thing, a medium is only 12 inches, and it cost 15/pizza. That seems like a lot for a 12inch pizza. This place is known for their sourdough crusts, and admittedly, the the crust was pretty good. The toppings were about normal […]