So Mac OS X Tiger has been released and all, but why does the powerbook page on store.apple.com still say it comes with Panther and iLife ’05? Does it really still not ship with Tiger? C’mon apple, get with it. I guess either way, I’m just gonna order on Monday. On a side note, my […]

Sometimes you just gotta pay

It’s amazing how much faster a Terminal Server connection is over VNC. Sure VNC is cross platform or whatever, but the difference in performance is too much to ignore. But then again, I guess Citrix or whoever has had paid developers working on it for a long time… Fortunately, vnc from an X server works […]

Remote desktop to a w2k3 machine through SSH

I’m on an XP client and trying to connect to a remote W2k3 server through an ssh gateway. Set up SSH so that a local port (not 3389) is forwarded to 3389 on the server. Run the remote desktop client from the command line. “mstsc /v:localhost:[forwarded_port] /console” The /console argument lets you connect without having […]

Interesting twist

First saw this on the Mainichi paper, there seems to be a discrepancy between how the FM-level talks were reported in Japan and by Xinhua. The xinhua page says: Nobutaka said Japan’s invasion into China in modern history brought great damage to the Chinese people. The Japanese side feels deep regret for that and once […]

My first iTunes purchase.

Got Itzhak Perlman’s performance of Sarsate and Paganini pieces. This whole iTunes thing is dangerously easy. It still seems like a better deal to go the discount music store and get cheap cd’s and import them as apple lossless. That’s not to say 128kbps AAC doesn’t pretty damn good.

To my friends in China

I would like to express my dismay in regards to the violence in your protests. I fully believe you have a right to protest, and I agree with your cause (heck I’d march with you if I felt the issue was being dealt with reasonably), but I am dismayed because your actions are not helping […]

Nikon D70s

Looks like Nikon might update their D70. Though from what I read, a leaked manual indicates only a minor upgrade, still I guess its worth waiting for. According to PC watch, its supposed to be announced on 4/20.