Ghetto fabulous negative tilt keyboard

Currently I’m using the Belking Ergo Board Pro USB edition as my primary work keyboard. Mainly because it is one of the only USB ergonomic keyboards. I tried the MS Natural 4000, but it sucks goat, so I had to get this one. It’s pretty good, except it doesn’t have the negavtive tilt like the […]

Aperture image loading time

On a Powerbook G4, Aperture is pretty slow. I think everyone who cares knows that. But the interesting thing is, it’s slow regardless of whether you’re looking at a big RAW image or a big JPEG image. For the longest time, I thought I was taking a performance hit because I wanted to shoot in […]

Smugmug + Textpattern Photoblog

As you can see, I’ve been working on making a photoblog. Nothing too complex. My only requirement was that I wanted to use the photos that are hosted on my smugmug account, so that I wouldn’t have to maintain two sets of images online. It’s already a big enough pain to maintain one locally on […]

Crashing waves

What’s the trick to capturing waves crashing on to rock? I took so many pictures of this scene, and yet this mediocre shot was the best one I got. Do I need to be closer? Do I just need to frame it differently? (this one is cropped already.)


I’ve finally switched over from a test textpattern deployment to using it to run my site. As you can see, I’ve done nothing to the built-in super-boring theme. But the only way I can get myself to take is seriously is to force this ugliness upon the world, so please bear with me.

Textpattern again

I had pretty much given up on txp, but then I saw this site. Not extremely interesting content-wise, but I do like the layout. I can imagine having a two column page where one column has all my short posts like this one, and another column has all my long rants.

Belkin Ergoboard Pro arrives

I know I’m behind on my reviews, but my excuse is that I didn’t have keyboard that I was happy enough with to write my reviews on. That may have changed, as I received the Belking ErgoBoard Pro (USB, black) today. First impresssions, aside from the lack of adjustability, are pretty positive. More to come […]