Mutlilingual blogging

I’ve restarted my Japanese blog. I used to have a good number of visitors when I was involved in all that Momonga and Gentoo JP stuff. Ah, good old college days. I’ve never seen blog software that handles multilingual blogging perfectly. I’ve seen hacks for various existing solutions, but they all don’t really get at […]

Flash Player 9

It seems they haven’t quite worked out all the kinks out of Flash Player 9. My work machine started having an issue where sites couldn’t detect that the player was installed. Instead they would offer a link to Adobe to install the player. Clicking on the link would show a page that indicated that the […]

Consolas, only for Vista

I’ve written about how you can use Consolas (A new font in office 2007 / Windows Vista) on Windows XP, and how to set it up as the font for powershell. I even set it as my fixed width font in Internet Explorer 7. All seemed well, until I RDP’ed in. It turns out these […]

Guess I'm buying a DS

They announced “Dragon Quest IX for the DS”: Whatever is left of my gamer pride depends heavily on my claim that I’ve played every installment of the Dragon Quest series, and one little new console here or there isn’t going to stop me now.

Why People don't Buy Songs off of iTunes

It’s commentary like this that irritates me to no end. All these people going around acting like it’s a big flipping mystery why people don’t buy stuff of the iTunes Music Store. If you just thought about it for a second, it’s obvious. DRM. Price. Experience. Any way you spin it, the DRM sucks. It […]

Windows Live Writer

I know I’ve written about the beta Windows Live Writer program before, but this thing is truly awesome. Once in a while, a program comes along that seems like it just works like “magic” and this is definitely one of them. I’m sure there are various blogging XMLRPC API’s that it uses, but it amazes […]

New blogs

I’ve decided to move from WordPress to Movable type. Since movable type allows me to manage several blogs at once, I’ve decided to create new URLs for my new blogs. So this will be the last post in this location. Eventually I’ll figure out how to migrate all these posts over to the new blogs. […]

Windows SFU NFS Server Handle Timeouts

At work, I use the Services for Unix NFS server to share source hosted on my Windows XP box over to my Ubuntu box. In general the SFU NFS server performs well (way better than sharing over SMB) and doesn’t cause any problems, except one. When an nfs client accesses a file hosted on the […]