Itching for a Mac again…

Well it’s been about four months since I sold the Powerbook. I had all types of reasons to get rid of it, but now I find myself looking at macs again. What’s changed? Well there are a few specific things: Mac performance got a lot better. The PPC to Intel jump was huge, and even […]

Notes on Google Indexing

I got a sudden spike in my regular daily traffic last week, and it’s all from Google, and all for an article that I wrote quite a while ago. After googling a bit, I discovered that Google apparently does a full rebuild of their indexes approximately once a month. That means that even if it […]

Paying Others to Pick the Good Stuff

One of the reasons I built a PC this time around was the price. The machine I built cost $1300 or so. The Mac Pro I could have bought would have cost at least $2000 (though with better specs). But if you have the similar specs, the price ends up being pretty similar. Sure, I […]

Using Proggy fonts in Ubuntu Gnome

I’m a fan of Proggy Programming Fonts for terminal use. But they don’t work out of the box on my Ubuntu machine. The reason seems to have something to do with my display’s DPI setting, in combination with the fact that the TTF versions of these fonts are not real embedded bitmap fonts. Actually, let […]

Recent Finds

Google Browser Sync: A Firefox extension to sync browser settings. I primarily use it to sync my bookmarks across machines, and it works remarkably well. Only supports Firefox though. Japanese Fonts: A page with a bunch of links to freely downloadable Japanese fonts, screenshots included. The availability of high quality Japanese fonts has greatly improved […]