A New GUI, A New Stylesheet

As you can see, I’ve loaded a new stylesheet for this blog. Partially because I just wanted a change, but also partially because this page looks funny on a Mac. Why, you ask? Well, for some reason Safari likes to do bad things to the text when it’s rendering light text on dark backgrounds. This […]

Shell commands for Linux/Unix newbies

Normally, I don’t write stuff like this, but Qian asked me for a reference of basic shell commands and I got really depressed about what I found. This page (top 10 linux commands for newbies) has over 1000 diggs, and what’s in it’s top 10? vi ! are you kidding me? Yea, that’s sure a […]

Using the Monaco font in gvim on Linux

I wrote a previous tip about how to use Monaco while running an xterm on OSX’s X server. Here’s a similar tip, except running on Linux this time. I like Monaco for it’s legibility at small screen sizes, so I wanted to use it in my gvim session. The first step is to copy the […]

My First Flash Applet

I finally got around to teaching myself a little Macromedia Flash. Here is my first result. The more flash I learn, the more I find it is a superior platform for doing graphic design on the web. It has much more precise layout mechanism, and it appears to completely solve the font problem. I haven’t […]

Back to IE7 for a while

As much as I dislike IE7, Firefox go ing her ky jer ky on me eve ry hour I use it, re qui ring me to re sta rt it drives me even more nuts (and at least 4 of my colleagues have verified that I’m not the only one who hits this bug). So […]

Microsoft doesn't understand Web Compatibility issues

Microsoft has a pretty strong reputation for maintaining backwards compatibility for applications that run on their platform. They have to, since the continued operation of many thousands of critical applications depends on them doing so. Microsoft understands this special position and responsibility, and has put an amazing amount of work into keeping old program working. […]