Sometimes, it's not Microsoft's fault

I get really annoyed by random articles/blog posts written by Linux/Ubuntu evangelizers that all talk about how they had to use their friend’s Windows laptop and it was slow and had all this crapware, etc. What they forget, is that if it actually became easy for 3rd parties to ship software on Linux, then you’d […]

I'm not the only one..

That thinks that linux font rendering (even with the latest David Turner patches) still is not up to par with windows… This post goes into much more detail, specifically pointing out that Linux text rendering isn’t doing any gamma correct rendering at all. Apparently this is why the diagonals in Linux-rendered characters look so much […]


Just came across Ubuntu unleashed which appears to be a Ubuntu tips site similar to my project. And damn, he has a 100,000 hits already.. Oh well. It’s all for free, so there’s no reason you can’t have two right? Mine’s gonna be better anyways 😉

The burden of choice

Every once in a while, I type something like “Linux vs Windows” into google, in a foolish attempt to assess the general landscape (and often find outdated articles) This time, I came across this article. The author argues that the choice provided by open source software results in a usability nightmare for people who don’t […]

Linux on the Desktop

Sorry, lame heading, I know. I’m just too lazy to think of anything better. A couple articles showed up on my radar that I wanted to mention. First up: Divining from the Entrails of Ubuntu’s Gutsy Gibbon by Bruce Byfield. The thing I noticed about this article is that while he expresses many complaints, a […]


To my horror, I discovered that the last three “shoots” on my photo were all inadvertently taken with a ISO 800 setting. These camera makers really need to tweak the interface. Back in the film days, you put one roll of film in. That roll had a constant ISO. You know what film you put […]

Blackberry Internet performance

So I’ve had the Curve for several days now, and it still impresses. The autotext typing feature is particularly handy, though I don’t feel like I’ve figured out the optimal hand position for typing lots of text. I still mistype a lot of keys like n/b or s/a. Maybe it’s just practice. One thing I […]