Mac OS X's lack of Activation

Mac users like to talk about how Mac OS X doesn’t have any activation. How it’s all about how Apple trusts their users and such. Personally, although I agree that activation can be user unfriendly, I totally sympathize with Microsoft for implementing it. Let’s look at the differences between Windows and OS X here: Windows […]

Goodbye Rhapsody

First, it doesn’t work on any x64 system (linux or windows). Second, it works on 32bit Linux, but crashes the browser left and right. Third, it used to work on a lot of systems through yottamusic, but now they managed to even break that. Sorry, you don’t get $100 a year from me anymore.

Off to Xi'an

We’ve been in China for roughly a week, and today we’re preparing to take the overnight train to Xi’an (from Tianjin). Though there is much to say about China (based on what I’ve seen in Beijing and Tianjin), the one phrase I could say to describe it is “under construction”. There are new construction projects […]

Japan Technology Update

Ok, here’s my “from the trenches” report on all the advances that have had a perceivable affect on daily life in Japan. This is mostly what I’ve noticed in comparison to when I was here briefly 2 years ago. Cell phones Everyone has nice phones. Everyone. Even your average house wife is sitting there on […]