What the heck is up with their website? A few months ago, there was this mysterious offer that would only show up if I accessed the site from work. It claimed that a special San Francisco and LA rate was available to new DSL subscribers.. the rates were significantly less than the current one-link rates.. yet when I called, it was almost like the existance of the offer was completely denied.. and a few days later, no mention of it ever again on their website.
I hope that they do reduce their current rates, or up their speeds, since this new comcast deal says that they offer the same service speed 6.0 mbps down/ 768k up for about 2/3 of the cost of what I’m paying for 1.5mbps/768kbps. And its not like speakeasy is super reliable too.. it just went down the other day.. and then on a separate incident it went down for my friend who had the same service close by.
I’m starting to think its better to just get a cheaper connection, and pay for an inexpensive hosting service to run your website. You can get quite a bit for 20/month these days.


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