So I’ve been taking this Milk Thistle supplement which I got at Whole foods (for a mere 4 dollars) for about a week now. It’s supposed to be good for your liver, but what I have really noticed is that it seems to really help with reducing hang-over effects as well.
I had at least 2 more drinks than my usual single last night, but this morning I felt perfectly normal.
Also discovered the Chlorella supplement. Sounds like its very popular in Japan and may be something that I’m looking for. One study claims it can prevent hangovers in 96% of the subjects if taken prior to an evening of drinking, though I wasn’t able to actually find the study. But when I do actually find the studies, they’re so cryptic that it’s hard to make any sense of them anyways.
It’s amazing how little western medicine has studied all these herbal supplements and remedies. Yeah they probably won’t cure cancer, but then again how often do you get cancer? These remedies seem to be much more effective at helping you deal with everyday problems, not once in a lifetime ones, and for that reason alone it does seem worth investigating.
Also there needs to be some more regulation and standardization of production and labeling methods.. because when you go look for a particular item at somewhere like Whole Foods, it’s totally confusing with all the different brands claiming that they have a better manufacturing process.
Whoa, am I turning into a hippie?

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