With the fullsize keyboard now, I can finall start to use my powerbook in desktop like situations when warranted. This means hooking up my external LCD monitor so that I don’t have to keep looking down at the display. This in turn involves calibrating the display so that hte colors look right.
And then there’s the puzzle. The first step of every calibration program I’ve seen is to turn up the monitor’s contrast setting to the max, and then adjust the brightness down. The problem is, on my monitor, and many other LCD monitor’s I’ve seen, turning the contrast all the way up totally blows away any image being displayed. I don’t know if its some trick that they use to get higher contrast ratio specs, but full contrast is never useable. Its the same effect as if you dial up the contrast level in photoshop way too much.
Anywhow, so since the first step of the calibration process is so dubious, I can’t ever really know if the end result is what I want. I guess I should really buy one of those electronic eye things to do real color calibration.
Not that the color calibration matters too much for most things, but it is slightly annoying that photos look different between the powerbook screen and the big lcd screen.

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