So what’s the best way to buy music in Japan? at 3,000 yen per CD (about 25 bucks), buying CD’s is surely not the way. So the natural alternative: rent CD’s. Yep. Go to the local media rental shop (which has CD’s DVD’s and the like) and a rent a few. Bring it back and rip it with iTunes and burn your own copy. What if you don’t have any CD-R’s? never worry, they sell them right in the rental store.
To be clear, one personal digital copy is allowed under the law. On the back of each CD is the text:
Using this CD for commercial purposes without the consent of the copyright holder, making copies for purposes beyond personal use, and making available the music contained on this CD for distribution through networks are all prohibitied by copyright law.
This sounds much more reasonable to me then what he have to deal with in the US. The 8 CD’s or so I rented (for about 2 bucks each for one night) all ripped fine with iTunes. Apple Lossless no less.


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    Also, you wanted to say “no less”, not “none the less”. And if you did want “none the less” (which you didn’t), you would’ve wanted to use the single word “nonetheless”.

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    Also, my mom says “Merry Christmas” and my parents are very grateful for all your assistance in helping me move.
    Also,aAccepting my first comment was the worst mistake you ever made ;-).

  3. puntium


    I think iTunes is starting to catch on, but probably only just for its convenience.
    They have American music at these stores too.. one funny thing was I was looking for Rap CD’s, and I first found the R&B/Soul section, but no rap was to be found. Then I looked to the rigth a little bit, and saw the “Black” section, where all the rap was. Why of course.

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