So Live 105.3 stopped airing Howard Stern recently, and switched to the “Morning Music Co-op.” The station’s slogan is that they “fight to keep alternative music alive.” I guess that’s fine, but after you listen to this station for a few days, you realize that’s it’s not different than the others. It plays the same 20 songs, hour after hour.. its just that the songs come from a different genre.
Why do they have to do that? It reminds me of political parties, who, instead of catering to a wide variety of ‘tastes,’ they just repeat the same old lines that appeal to their target audience.
Is the radio market really such that the only way to get a variety of music is to switch between channels yourself? Are there really people out there who really prefer to hear System of a Down and Franz Ferdinand 20 times a day? Not that they’re bad bands.. but I guess what I really want is an “alternative station.” Is Satellite radio any better at this?

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