So I spent a whole bunch of time writing a VBA script to do mew-style multi-folder re-filing of messages. It works, after a lot of headache and MSDN browsing, but it’s still un-ideal.
The main problem is that, each time you run the damn thing, you get multiple instances of the outlook security warning dialog popping up, indicating that a program (which I wrote myself, nonetheless) is trying to access my mailbox. I got the “Express ClickYes” software which automatically clicks yes to those dialogs when they pop up, but its still visually jarring.
I’ll post the script here soon, just in case anyone wants to see it.
But in other developments.. I tried looking at wanderlust again.. and it turns out it can sort the message order in IMAP mailboxes just as well as it can in local mailboxes. That means I dont get the stupid message ordering problem like I get in mew. Now if only wandlerlust had multi-target refile.. I would be done with this whole mess.. but alas.
My new current plan is to set up a fetchmail + procmail setup, where I can use procmail to do the filtering, and then just use wl to read and write. The only problem with this is now the folders won’t show up in my webmail.. but I might have a secret plan for that.. involving my good old friends courier-imap and IlohaMail.

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