I’ve added a few pictures to the keyboard page. I just took snaps of the models I have plus snaps of the key switches that support them. Not all of them are up as some of them are at work, and some didn’t come out too well and I’m too lazy to re-take them. I need to get a tripod to really get it right. I need to be able to stop it down to get lots of depth of field.
As for the Avant Prime, I’m postponing the review because I think the PS/2 to USB adapter I’m using to hook it up to my mac is really causing problems for it. It has two really annoying problems: it drops keys, and once in a while, it seems to power-cycle the keyboard, which results in a several second period where all input gets ignored.
The interweb seems to consistently suggest that the Y-mouse is the answer to my problems. Is it really worth $50? There’s another adapter made by a company called Keyspan that goes for $20 that seems to be made especially for Macs. Perhaps that’s worth trying first? I hate these kind of decisions. Pay a lot for something that is practically guaranteed to work, versus a lesser amount that has some unknown probability of working. After all this keyboard debacle, I’m inclined to just go with the Y-mouse. But then again, the Tactile Pro was $100+ and supposed to just work.
The plan for now will just be to take it to work and use it there, since I need PS/2 there anyways.

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