I’ll postpone the review until I get used to it a bit. Besides, I still have the write the review for the Keytronic. I’ll list just a few first impressions though:

  • It’s black
  • It’s USB
  • The faux leather wrist wrest feels very nice, but a bit sweaty. Maybe I just have warm hands
  • It has new car smell 😉
  • The negative tilt feels nice on the hands, but it actually makes the front portion of the keyboard too high given my current desk/chair arrangement. I’ll have to adjust that.
  • The keys are definitely rubber dome keys, but they are extremely quiet. They seem on the stiff side, and have an ok tactile feel. Not great, but not terrible.
  • The spacebar seems a little slippery. Also, compared to other keys it makes more noise when you press it down
  • They fixed all the random key layout problems
  • Support for pressing multiple keys at once seems pretty decent. It seems to handle the USB maximum of 6 simultaneous keys down just fine.
  • The volume keys work on my mac mini without installing any software
  • Although subtle, the optimal hand positioning seems quite different from the MS Natural Elite. I will have to experiment with this
  • The raised wrist wrest makes hitting the arrow keys somewhat awkward. Sitting on home position is much more comfortable, but leaving it almost seems more uncomfortable.

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