The time to order approaches.

15 inch Powerbook G4, 1.67 ghz with 128mb VRAM and dual link DVI output. $2399 ( minus 15% + tax). Come to think of it, that’s how much I paid for my Vaio 505 sophomore year. That thing lasted pretty long.. but too bad Windows 2000 wasn’t really mainstream then, because if it had come […]

Excited to switch.

Was reading a whole lot of Mac magazines at Barnes and Noble. I guess its just not the machines that are nicer. There are lots of design/photography/computer magazines that are specifically written for Mac users, all with high quality printing and useful stories (not windows registry hacks that get you an extra 1% of performance)

The weather gods are smiling

I finally got good weather when I came to New York. The last two times out, my arrival was greeted with unusual snow storms, but this time I’ve gotten Sun with a breezy 65. Just like San Fran. I wouldn’t mind living in NY if it was like this all the time. Unfortunately, I guess […]


Tried my old happy hacker keyboard at work for a day or two, but my hands started to hurt almost right away. Back to the kinesis. I guess this will have to do for now. Its really a shame that the Smartboard didn’t work out. I hope their support people write me back, and we […]

The countdown

Tiger’s gone gold, so its a matter of time. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Tiger is the next version of Apple’s operating system, and the ‘matter of time’ refers to my planned purchase of a powerbook when Tiger comes preloaded on them.