More projector candidates

So the InFocus X1/Screenplay 4800, or the NEC VT470. The NEC seems to get great reviews, and its brightness makes it much more useful in conditions with somewhat more ambient light. Its a few hundred more though.. in the rage of a nikon d70 which I also have to get… I’m still a little trigger […]

So close…

So I borrowed a no-brand video to VGA scan converter from a friend. It looked like it was going to work ok, and so I hooked it all up, when I discovered that it’s vga output port has a male VGA port? What the heck? no video card I’ve seen has ever had a male […]

Plan B

I’m now looking at getting an InFocus X1 or X1A projector. They are very similar in price and functionality.. the A model has digital keystone adjustments but no high-quality de-interlacer. They both run about 800-900 bucks, and come with a 4000 hour lamp which should last a good few years for my usage pattern. I’ll […]

The thing about diets..

Every child remembers their parents telling them to lay off the snacks so that they don’t spoil dinner.. and yet many dieting pages refer to the strategy of eating 5-6 smaller meals a day. Not that eating less sugary snacks is a bad thing, but the childhood conditioning of saving ones stomach for a large […]

FC3 in vmware

Damn, this thing is super slow. I’m writing from it right now. Although the X server seems to be ok, doing a simple “yum update kernel” is super duper slow. I guess this 4G/4G patch thing really does make a huge difference.. and this seems to be confirmed both in the VMware forums as well […]


I just discovered that emacs’ html mode actually recognizes <p> tags and uses them to break M-q paragraph alignment operations. I was always annoyed that it woul totally just merge stuff together.


So I’ve been taking this Milk Thistle supplement which I got at Whole foods (for a mere 4 dollars) for about a week now. It’s supposed to be good for your liver, but what I have really noticed is that it seems to really help with reducing hang-over effects as well. I had at least […]


What the heck is up with their website? A few months ago, there was this mysterious offer that would only show up if I accessed the site from work. It claimed that a special San Francisco and LA rate was available to new DSL subscribers.. the rates were significantly less than the current one-link rates.. […]