Do I really fit the laptop use case?

I’ve almost had this laptop for a year now. Feels like a good time to evaluate how good or bad of a purchase it was. My main concern is that for the majority of my usage scenarios, laptops actually are the suboptimal solution. In buying a laptop again, I had hoped for several benefits, namely: […]


Why do I always miss stuff. My biggest gripe with mutt was that it couldn’t sort threads by the last message received in each thread. Turns out it can. ‘set sort_aux=last-message-received’ Doh. Update: Along the same lines.. it turns out that if sort_re is set, then message will only be threaded if they both match […]

The Transformation Begins..

Since hunting for appartments in the Noe/Mission area royally sucks (for some reason, the owner of the really unpopular appartments decide to post the same ad on craigslist upwards of 5 times per day), we’ve taken to acquiring new furniture for our room. First the table (a black, sleek and sturdy one that we found […]

Mysterious Errors from Windows XP Backup

Just for future reference. If Windows XP backup gives you the error: “error returned while creating volume shadow copy: 80042301”, do the following: Backup the Registry; Open “regedt32.exe” and navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/system/setup”; Change the “UpgradeInProgess” value to “0” [1]; Change the “SystemSetupInProgress” value to “0”. Open “regsvr32 ole32.dll”. Open the Services MMC snap-in and restart […]

Screw it

I took a friend’s advice and applied the best mail filter of them all: unsubscribe from mailing lists that you don’t read regularly. You never see the messages, so you don’t worry about filtering them. Out of sight, out of mind. Also, sending out nicely formatted email is often much more trouble than it’s worth, […]