I say Grr.. to Open Source

I’m sure I’ve written something very similar in the past, but I want to rant again, because it came up. First I looked at Ruby on Rails, then I started looking around for equivalents that were written in python, since the languages are sort of fundamentally similar, and I already know python pretty well so […]

New blog system design

I’m kinda getting tired of WordPress, and so now I’m thinking (again) about creating my own blog system. Of course I should go around looking at what’s out there instead of rolling my own, but I want to write some kind of web-app anyways, so I might as well think about how I would build […]


Found this webiste which has a very good listing of companies that either sell or manufacture ergonomic keyboards. A couple ergo keyboards to add to the list: Adesso Tru-Form Media (or Pro) Various keyboards made by ComfortKey The FrogPad (one-handed keyboard) Probably the most interesting out of these is the Adesso, since it has a […]

Keytronic E03601

Model: Keytronic E03601 (USB) Switch Type: Membrane/Rubber dome Cost: ~$30 I was turned on to Keytronic boards by a co-worker who had one at his desk at work. Looking at their website, it appears they make all types of keyboards with different kinds of switches (some rated for 30 million cycles, others for less). I […]

WordPress Upgrade

Poking around Dreamhost’s web configuraiton panel, I saw there was a one-click option to upgrade my wordpress install. So I tried it. And 5 minutes later, now I’m using WordPress 2.0.2. Well that went extremely smoothly. The only downside is I lost my theme customizations, but those will return very soon, I promise.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

Perhaps I should extend my reviews to mice as well. Although I don’t go through nearly as many as I do keyboards, I suppose that could be changed… Anyhow, today, I did also receive the Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 that I had ordered earlier this week. I’ve plugged it into my Powerbook at home to […]

Keytronic arrives

I received my Keytronic E-series board at work today. Initial impressions are that it has a very unique feel that actually feels quite nice. The differently-weighted keys really causes an interesting effect. Mostly good I would say, except that now, the spacebar feels noticeably heavier than the rest of the keys. The sound of the […]

Keyboard Links

Qwerter’s Clinic (Japanese). A keyboard fan-site with lots of great information if you can read it. Of particular interest is this dissection of different Cherry switches. SysOpt.com’s Keyboard User Reviews (English). A rare English site that has a pretty good list of keyboards. Wikipedia’s “Computer Keyboards” Category(English). It’s pretty sparse, but it’s a start. I […]

Aluminum Powerbook G4 Keyboard

Model: Apple Powerbook G4 1.67 Ghz Aluminum Mechanism: Pantograph Scissor Switch Cost: N/A (Built-in) This is the built in keyboard for the Aluminum Powerbook G4. Powerbook’s are rumored to have pretty good keyboards, and this keyboard is certainly no exception. Key/Switch Feel The keyboard uses standard laptop-style scissor switches. The weight of the keys is […]