Another battle in the Feisty font war

Despite starting an Ubuntu tips site, I’ve been trying out using windows at work. The main reason? Fonts. Yes, fonts can look pretty or ugly, but there is one major advantage that Windows has with regards to fonts. That is: small fonts look good. At work, the more information I can keep on my screen […]

Sad, but what did you expect?

There’s a pretty depressing interview with famed kernel developer Con Kolivas and why he quit working on the kernel. It yet again destroys the myth about how Linux is built on volunteerism and that it will naturally provide benefits to end-users solely because of its open development model. The interview bitterly points out that this […]

Gnome Online Desktop?

Damn, they already even have a website. This is Havoc Pennington’s “vision” for Gnome. I like the old saying about how those who do the work get to decide. I’ll reserve judgement on this whole online desktop thing, but what I don’t want to see is a bunch of code written in a way that […]

Ugly, but more usable?

I’ve been using the “classic” windows theme for a while now, but yesterday I decided to switch back. Big blue title bars and task bar. Yep. It’s ugly. But I find it more usable. There are two key features: The focused window is easer to differentiate. The main reason for this is that the window […]


A super short review. I finally went to the SF Apple store to play with one. It’s pretty good. Things seem to work as advertised. Typing didn’t seem too bad, though I can understand how people would miss their physical keys. I tried to post on this blog with one, but Safari crashed three times […]

Red Lights and Usability, or something.

I inadvertently ran a red light today. Yea, it happens. I’ve probably done it maybe 5 times total in 10 years of driving. The problem is, the intersection that I happened to cross (Park Presidio and Geary) has a camera that captures you as you go by. I’m probably not going to fight the ticket, […]

Film the slides!

aKademy, the yearly KDE developer get together happened, and they fortunately put up all their videos of the talks. Fantastic. Each video however is so fixated on the presenter, that it cuts out the slides!. And worse yet, not all the talks have their slides posted. The two most important parts of a slide based […]

No desktop Linux yet

Sorry for the cliche heading. Reflecting on my own situation gives me a good insight into why Linux hasn’t really landed on the desktop. It comes down to one simple reason: If I run Linux, I can’t pay anyone to solve my problems for me. Actually, at work, Linux is great. At work, I have […]