KDE on Windows

Although I haven’t used KDE in a while, I applaud their efforts to make KDE apps available on Windows. Having lots of users is one of the most important aspects of a successful open source project, and the KDE developers have just opened themselves up to the remaining 90% of the user base. The more […]

Macworld Keynote thoughts

Time Capsule: meh. I don’t know that it’s any more compelling than services like mozy. I guess it could be convenient though. I can see that people who just want it to work would pay for it. iTunes movie rentals: Cool, but netflix is still cheaper. If it were $1.99 per rental than I’m definitely […]

Holy Smokes

I spent an evening messing around with Pyblosxom. I was going to use it to restart my keyboard blog. It was supposed to a somewhat fun exercise in python, and I was also tired of the Movable Type admin interface being so slow. After a couple hours of hacking, I decided that Pyblosxom is too […]

Dell 3007WFP-HC Mini-review

Ok, my last post about this thing, I promise. Since there are tons of other reviews on the web about this thing (where you can see pictures and specs and measurements and the like), I’ll just link to those articles that I read if you want to read about that stuff. BeHardware’s comparison with the […]

Dell 3007WFP-HC continued

I just came back from the Apple store to check out the somewhat older 30 inch cinema display. It also has a noticeable anti-glare coating. But I have to say I didn’t find it as distracting as on my Dell. While it was fairly prominent, it seemed to produce less color variation. It’s important to […]

Dell 3007WFP-HC first impressions

So I’ve got this giant monitor sitting on my desk. It’s bright. It has very deep colors. Some reds and greens and oranges definitely look like colors I’ve never seen on a computer display before. It’s grainy. From googling, it appears to be the anti-glare coating that comes standard on all these types of monitors. […]


Posts like this one do a disservice to the reputation of the OSS community. In this post, the author claims that implies that one shouldn’t run Windows because of all the DRM technologies found in it. I wonder if that’s also why he doesn’t run OS X? I never really buy this argument. It’s easy […]

Outlook Reformatting

I got an email at work today, which had a couple lines of g++ calls, which Outlook displayed to me like this: g++ -o exe1 -DXYZ=abc maintemplate.cpp test001.cpp -o exe2 -DXYZ=def g++ maintemplate.cpp test002.cpp Turns out, this was because it “removed extra linebreaks” (which works fine most of the time, but its terrible in some […]